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Extra renumeration

An extra remuneration is granted only for the periodic increase in duties or the employee is assigned additional tasks.

A special allowance can only be received by an employee of the Jagiellonian University in the form of an annex to the employment contract or appointment act. We should bear in mind that the total amount of all allowances can not exceed 80% of the sum of the basic salary and the employee's functional allowance; in addition, the amount of the allowance must also be in line with the guidelines applicable to the program. 

You can use the DSO help or the PSC Remuneration Eligibility Unit to check the limit of allowances for a given person. The team also analyses whether granting a special allowance is possible if the person is also involved in the implementation of other projects.

Currently, three types of allowances are used: one-time, monthly and paid once after completing all tasks.

Applications are prepared in the SAP system. The administration of separate units of the Jagiellonian University has rights to generate applications in the system.

Instructions for applying for a special allowance can be found on the SAPIENS UJ website.

After accepting the electronic version of the application, it should be printed from the SAP system. Then, you must get the signature of the project manager and the head of the unit responsible for project implementation (Dean or a person responsible for the unit) and send the application to the Verification and Control Section (Sekcja ds. Weryfikacji i kontroli).

In addition, a detailed scope of responsibilities should be provided to the Personal Affairs Department, which will constitute an attachment to the annex granting the special allowance.

After accepting the application by the Bursar and the Rector, the DSO prepares an annex to the employment contract and contacts the employee in order to sign the document.

Applications for allowances are generated by the SAP system and accepted in an electronic version by the Administrative Support Center for Projects, Human Resources Department and the Financial Department appropriate for a given project, and subsequently, submitted in a paper version to the JU Authorities for signing. Therefore, the whole procedure from the moment of submitting the application to the signing the annex takes approx. 3 weeks.