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Rules and patterns of documents

Regulations concerning the employment and remuneration of persons participating in the Jagiellonian University in the implementation of projects (Directive 96)

Annexes to the Regulations 

Annexes in the editable version are also available on the website of the JU Human Resources Department.

Related documents:

The above mentioned Regulations are a document that specifies the Regulations concerning the remuneration of employees participating in the implementation of projects (Paragraph 33).

Below are the source documents that should be used when planning remuneration rates in projects. Due to the very large diversity of program guidelines, we encourage you to consult individual cases with the CAWP remuneration eligibility team.

Announcement of the Rector of the Jagiellonian University regarding the average university remuneration for a year:






Annex No. 11 to the Directives on the remuneration of employees of the Jagiellonian University

In the scope which is not regulated by the abovementioned Annex, please use the following documents:

Directive No. 102 on the rules for remunerating academic professors and other academic staff at the Jagiellonian University

Resolution No. 113 / IX / 2015 of the Senate of the Jagiellonian University on the allocation of additional funds to increase remunarations

Directive No. 123 concerning the civil law contracts to be concluded at the JU with natural persons for the purpose of performing work different than this included in the labour contract.

Templates of documents necessary to conclude civil law contracts