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Date: 04.01.2021 - 31.12.2022

Funding institution:

National Science Centre

CWN Project Advisor:

Katarzyna Kubica-Oroń
phone: 12 663 30 33,

Purpose of the call:

International Weave-UNISONO competition for bilateral or trilateral research projects for teams from Austria, the Czech Republic, Slovenia, Switzerland, Germany and Poland within the multilateral programme Weave, in which NCN does not act as the lead agency.

A research team from Poland, planning scientific cooperation with at least one of the countries: Austria, Czech Republic, Slovenia, Switzerland, Germany within the framework of the Weave program has two possibilities to submit a national application to NCN:

  • in the current competition Weave-UNISONO - for national applications. (submitted to NCN), for which joint applications will be submitted and evaluated at one of the foreign partner institutions as the lead agency. NCN does not act as a lead agency then;
    in the OPUS competition, announced regularly in September (the nearest competition: OPUS 22, announced in September 2021) - in the case of national applications for funding of research projects implemented within the LAP cooperation, evaluated by NCN as the lead agency.

The Weave-UNISONO competition is aimed at research teams from Poland (hereinafter referred to as Polish research teams) that will apply for funding of their research projects jointly with research teams from Austria, the Czech Republic, Slovenia, Germany or Switzerland (hereinafter referred to as partner research teams) to NCN and to one (in the case of bilateral projects) or two (in the case of trilateral projects) partner institutions relevant for the country, i.e. FWF, GAČR, ARRS, DFG or SNSF. Projects may include fundamental research in all disciplines of sciences. Partner research teams apply in parallel within the WEAVE programme for funding for the implementation of a joint research project to their respective WEAVE participating institutions (one - for bilateral projects or two - for trilateral projects). The joint project must be based on close cooperation and must be carried out jointly by a Polish research team and by partner research teams, each of which indicates a project leader in the application. The joint project must contain coherent research programs clearly demonstrating the added value of international cooperation. Each partner is expected to make a significant contribution to the project, including involvement in organizational responsibilities.

The Weave-UNISONO call for proposals will also finance trilateral research projects submitted by a foreign research team applying to a lead agency, i.e. the FWF, GAČR, ARRS, DFG or SNSF, planned for implementation together with a Polish research team applying to NCN and with participation of another foreign research team applying for funding for this purpose within the Weave programme to its relevant institution cooperating with the respective lead agency.

This will also allow collaboration with teams from: Luxembourg (funded by FNR - Luxembourg National Research Fund); Belgium - Flanders (funded by FWO - Research Foundation - Flanders); Belgium - Wallonia (funded by F.R.S.- FNRS - Fund for Scientific Research - Wallonia-Brussels); Croatia (funded by HRZZ - Croatian Science Foundation).

How to Apply:

National applications under the Weave -UNISONO program should be sent to NCN only in electronic form through the ZSUN/OSF system, as soon as possible after the submission of the joint application to the lead agency, not more than 7 calendar days.

Planned dates for the 2021 call for joint proposals and announcement of evaluation results at partner institutions serving as lead agencies:

FWF (Austria) - call for applications on a rolling basis from January 2021.

GAČR (Czech Republic) - call for applications in: February - April 2021. (Exact dates of the call will be announced at a later date).

ARRS (Slovenia) - call for applications untill 28 February 2022. NCN proposals must be submitted electronically via the ZSUN/OSF submission system as soon as possible following the submission of the joint proposal to the ARRS, within 7 calendar days at the latest.

SNSF (Switzerland) - two application deadlines apply: April 1, 2021 and October 1, 2021. (Evaluation of applications submitted between October 2 and March 31 begins on April 1; evaluation of applications submitted between April 2 and September 30 begins on October 1).

DFG (Germany) - call for applications on a rolling basis from 15 September 2021.

More information:


Call documentation.