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January 2024

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Lider XV

Date: 15.01.2024 - 30.06.2024
Lider XV

RSC Assistant:

Anna Dryja
tel. 12 663 38 43

Financing institutuion:

National Centre for Research and Development

Subject of the competition:

National Centre for Research and Development (NCBR) has announced a call for proposals in the 15th call in its programme LIDER. The programme seeks to develop young researchers’ skills in independent planning of research and management of their own research team in projects showing prospects of practical application and implementation potential. 

The programme is addressed to persons who:

1. are doctoral students or academic teachers – and hold no doctoral degree or have held doctoral degree for up to 7 years (this period does not include maternity leave, adoption leave, paternity leave, parental leave or child-care leave, periods of receiving sick pay or rehabilitation benefit on account of incapacity to work (this period is counted from the date of taking the degree of doctor);

2. are preparing an extramural dissertation, provided that no more than 4 years have elapsed from the date of appointment of the supervisor to the date of application, 

3. are authors of publications in renowned journals or have patents or implementations to their name,

4. have not participated in the programme LIDER in the role of principal investigator,

5. have Polish citizenship or a Polish residence permit or are EU citizens who stay in the Republic of Poland for more than 3 months and their stays has not been registered.

The call for proposals at the NCBiR is open by 29 March 2024, 16.00.

Terms and conditions of application in the call are available on the websites of:

UPDATE 21.02.2024

We would like to inform you that the National Centre for Research and Development has changed the launch and closing date of the call for applications under the 15th edition of the LIDER competition. The call by NCBR will be conducted from 18 March to 30 June 2024. Therefore, the deadlines for submission of documents to CWN will be changed:

until 13 June 2024:
1. the Research Project Application Form and the Project VAT Eligibility Assessment Form completed and submitted in the UJ Project Zone electronic system available at:

2. a working version of the application (electronic version of the application as a PDF file, sent to the address of the competition supervisor at CWN),

by 24 June 2024:
1. the final version of the application, i.e. the full version of the application (electronic version sent as a PDF file with qualified signature or email approval or as a scan with signatures) - required signatures: the project manager and the head of the organisational unit of the Jagiellonian University (i.e. Dean, Director/Director of another organisational unit) where the project will be implemented.

We would also like to draw your attention to additional changes introduced to the competition documentation:

1. a provision has been introduced in the funding agreement "In case of termination of employment of the Project Manager, it is not permissible for the Unit to appoint another Project Manager to continue the Project".

Basic information on the projects:

  • Proposals submitted in the call may address subjects in all research domains: natural sciences, engineering and technology, medical and health sciences, agricultural sciences, social sciences and humanities.
  • The minimum and maximum period of project implementation are 12 months and 36 months respectively.
  • Maximum funding per project is PLN 1.8 million.
  • The remuneration of the Principal Investigator is a maximum of PLN 10,000 gross on average per month, including costs on the part of the employer and the employee.
  • Indirect costs constitute 25% of funding and apply to categories “Salaries” and “Other direct costs”.
  • The cost of purchase or construction of equipment/appliances used for research purposes will be considered eligible as long as the asset is essential to proper performance of the project and is used directly in its implementation, and as long as the following conditions are met: 
  • value of the equipment, IT infrastructure or other equipment does not exceed PLN 500,000, 
  • the entity has no equipment/fixed asset that could replace it,
  • the procurement procedure is conducted in a manner ensuring fair competition, equal treatment of contractors, openness, transparency of the procedure and selection of contractors, as well as efficiency understood as purposeful and economical spending in accordance with the procedure indicated by the NCBiR. 
  • Basic data of the entity (JU) required for the completion of the proposal is available on the website of the RSC:

Proposal submission at the NCBiR:

The proposal along with the required attachments is sent electronically by the Principal Investigator via the LSI 2.0 Logging system ( The link to the system will be active from 19 February 2024. The proposal should be accompanied by attachments in the form of a scan of a manually signed document or a document bearing a qualified electronic signature. The terms of completing and submitting the proposal have been specified in detail in the document Guidelines for proposal submission in the LSI system.

JU internal regulations:

Pursuant to Ordinance No 129 of 10 November 2022 by JU Rector on: The procedure for drawing up and implementing projects funded from external sources at Jagiellonian University and hiring and rewarding personnel of the project persons interested in entering the call (not applicable with JU MC) are asked to deliver to the RSC: 

  • by 13 March 2024:
  • The Research Project Entry Form and the VAT Eligibility Form filled out in the electronic system JU Project Zone at:;
  • draft version of the proposal (electronic version of the proposal in the form of a pdf file sent to the address of the call assistant at the CWN),
  • by 25 March 2024, the final version of the proposal i.e. a complete proposal (electronic version sent in as a pdf file signed with a qualified electronic signature or a hard copy signed with handwritten signatures) – signatures required: the principal investigator and the head of the JU organisational unit (i.e. Dean or Director/Head of other organisational unit) acting as the project’s host institution.

The proposal may be electronically submitted in the LSI system only once the approval by JU authorities have been secured. The proposal signed by JU authorities shall be delivered by call assistants at the RSC to the email addresses you have specified. 

In matters regarding employment and remuneration in the prepared projects, please contact Ms Anna Adamus,, phone No. 12 663 38 89.
In the case of queries concerning the application of project results, please contact CTT Brokers of CITTRU (appropriate for Your Faculty).

More information:

Communication by JU Vice-Rector for Research