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February 2024

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Date: 06.02.2024 - 31.07.2024

Announcing institution:

RSC Assistants:

Wioletta Żabicka-Falandysz (Faculties: Philosophy, Polish Studies, Law and Administration, Philology, History,
Management and Social Communication, International and Political Studies, Inter-faculty Units - JCJ,
Jagiellonian Centre for Quantitative Research in Political Science, Centre for Brain Research)

tel. 12 663 38 44,

Michał Maleszka (Faculties: Chemistry, Geography and Geology, Biology, Biochemistry, Biphysics and Biotechnology, Physics, Astronomy and Applied Computer Science, Mathematics and Computer Science, Extra-faculty units - MCB, JCET, CEP, NCPS Solaris, BJ)

tel. 12 663 30 06,

National Science Centre (NCN) 

Subject of the competition:

National Science Centre (NCN) has announced the MINIATURA 8 call for research activities for the purposes of future research projects to be submitted to NCN calls for proposals as well as other national and international calls.
The call for proposals is open by 31 July 2024, 16:00.
The call for proposals may be suspended if the total amount of requested funds exceeds twice the value of funds allocated by the NCN Council for the research activities to be carried out under the call.
The NCN emphasises that funds for research activities carried out under the MINIATURA 8 call are divided proportionally to the number of months of the call for proposals. Funding is awarded under the call in so far as (inter alia) the proposal is within the pool of funds available for a given month. The Council of the National Science Centre has allocated 20,000,000 PLN for research activities carried out under the MINIATURA 8 call for proposals.
Due to the large number of proposals submitted in the last month of the call in previous editions of the MINIATURA call, the NCN recommends considering the possibility of applying in the remaining months of the call.
Terms and conditions of the call:
1. Research activities must be carried out by researchers:
  • whose scientific achievements include at least one paper published or at least one artistic achievement or achievement in research in art for research activity in the arts;
  • who have been employed by the applicant pursuant to an employment contract on the proposal submission date
  • who have not acted as the principal investigator in any of the projects funded by the NCN;
  • who are not winning applicants of an ETIUDA call for doctoral scholarships or a call for fellowships (including FUGA and UWERTURA) funded by the NCN;
  • who are not an applicants, principal investigators or fellowship candidates under proposals submitted or recommended for funding under another NCN call;

​2. Research activities may be planned for a period of up to 12 months.

3. Research activities that may be funded under the MINIATURA call are preliminary/pilot studies, library and archive searches, fellowships, research visits and/ or consultations. 
4. A scientific activity may be implemented by more than one of the of the forms listed above, provided that this is justified in terms of content, necessary for the implementation of the activity and necessary to achieve the objectives pursued.
5. The call does not provide for remuneration or scholarships, with the exception of remuneration of collective contractors who are not employees of the entity in which the activity is carried out. 
6. The call also excludes the purchase, manufacture or upgrade of scientific and research apparatus, equipment and software.
7. PLEASE NOTE: Due to the Russian invasion of Ukraine, the NCN Council has decided that proposals submitted to NCN calls must not provide for any collaboration between Polish and Russian entities. Proposals providing for such collaboration shall be rejected as ineligible.
Information on drawing up proposals
  • Proposals may be submitted in Polish or in English.
  • The proposals which comprise basic research or applied research, in any of the  academic disciplines defined in the NCN panels, may be submitted under the call.
  • Only one proposal may be submitted in the MINIATURA 8 call, by a person who carries out a research activity.
  • One may carry out a research activity funded in any edition of the MINIATURA call only once.
  • Funds of 5,000 PLN to 50,000 PLN can be applied for under the call.
  • The maximum amount of indirect costs is 10% of the direct costs.
  • The project’s budget should account for the amount of VAT (VAT is an eligible cost). Please state gross amounts in the cost estimate.
Form of submitting proposals:
The MINIATURA 8 call admits only proposals submitted in electronic form. The proposal alongside the required annexes shall be submitted in electronic form by the principal investigator in the OSF (Zintegrowany System Usług dla Nauki/Obsługa Strumieni Finansowania) 
JU internal regulations:
Pursuant to Ordinance No. 129 of 10 November 2022 by JU Rector on: The procedure for drawing up and implementing projects funded from external sources at Jagiellonian University and hiring and rewarding personnel of the project, persons interested in entering the call (not applicable to JU MC) are asked to deliver to the RSC at least 10 days before the date of submitting the proposal:
  • a proposal draft, electronic version sent as a pdf file to the address of the call assistant at the RSC for the purposes of review and verification of formal eligibility,
Once the proposal has been verified by the RSC and the work on it has been finished you are asked to deliver:
  • to the address of the call assistant at the RSC: a final version of the proposal in the form of a pdf file generated by the OSF system: select option ‘Print PDF’ named in accordance with the template: Full name of the project principal investigator, document’s date (Kowalski_Jan_MINIATURA8_10-05 -2024), signed with a qualified electronic signature by the head of JU organisational unit acting as a host entity (that is Dean, Director/Head of other organisational unit). 
  • A Research Project Entry Form filled out in the electronic system JU Project Zone 
Out of concern for the quality of the submitted projects, especially in terms of meeting formal requirements, you are encouraged you to deliver the documents to the RSC well ahead of the above mentioned deadlines.
Please bear in mind that sending the proposal in the system cannot be reversed and prevents later modifications.  In light of the above, the proposal in electronic form should be sent only once the approval by the University’s Authorities has been secured. The above mentioned documents, signed by the JU Authorities, shall be delivered by the call assistant at the RSC to the email addresses you have specified. 
You are welcome to contact call assistants at the CWN with your questions and doubts:
Whereas regarding the drawing up of a Data Management Plan in research projects, please contact Jagiellonian Library’s staff: 
Additional informations: