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CELSA (Central Europe Leuven Strategic Alliance) - CLOSED

Date: 05.08.2021 - 25.11.2021
CELSA (Central Europe Leuven Strategic Alliance) - CLOSED

Announcing Institution:

European Commission

CAWP Project Advisor:

Katarzyna Kubica-Oroń
phone: 12 663 30 33,

Purpose of the programme:

CELSCA is an alliance of several European universities (Budapest University of Technology and Economics, Charles University in Prague, Czech Technical University in Prague, Eötvös Loránd University in Budapest, KU Leuven, Semmelweis University in Budapest, University of Ljubljana, University of Tartu, Jagiellonian University, University of Warsaw) established to foster closer collaboration between the partner institutions in the area of contemporary challenges to research activity.

The collaboration in CELSA is oriented toward hosting workshops, exchange of teaching experience, open-science-related problems, scientific effectiveness evaluation, review processes or transfer of knowledge, with particular emphasis on joint projects and partners’ participation in research programmes, Horizon Europe and other European and education programmes (Erasmus+).

The CELSA Research Fund will fund collaborative research projects between researchers of at least two CELSA partners, of which one must be KU Leuven. The projects covered by the funding will serve as a groundwork for coming up with a joint proposal in Horizon Europe. The subject of the projects is not pre-defined, and its choice depends exclusively on the collaborating research groups’ preferences.

Please make yourselves familiar with the information on drawing up proposals and pay special attention to:

  • Project participatory institution selection:
    • the programme is addressed to researchers affiliated with CELSA partner institutions (at least two partners per project);
    • the project may deal with any research domain;
    • It is mandatory that a KU Leuven researcher who meets the conditions to be a promoter or copromoter of a project under KU Leuven Internal Funds.
  • Project formal requirements:
    • the maximum project duration is 24 months;
    • within 3 years of commencing the project, the applicant consortium must submit a joint proposal in a European programme, i.e. Horizon Europe.
  • Terms of funding:
    • The maximum funding per project by two CELSA partners (including KU Leuven) in a call is EUR 120,000 (of which EUR 90,000 contributed by KU Leuven, to be used by researchers of that university, and EUR 30,000 contributed by the other university, to be used by researchers of that university);
    • the own contribution of EUR 30,000 comes from the funds at the disposal of JU Vice-Rector for Research, and is allocated to JU researchers;
    • the decision on funding the own contribution in a project rests at all times with JU Vice-Rector for Research;
    • in the event that one project is carried out by a consortium of researchers from more than two CELSA partners (including KU Leuven), the project’s total budget shall be increased proportionally by EUR 30,000 for each partner (e.g. in case of a project carried out by researchers from three CELSA partners, the budget amounts EUR 150,000);
    • in the event that more than one researcher from the same CELSA partner are involved in the project, the total project budget shall not be increased;
    • covered with the funding will be a maximum of 16 projects; 
    • regarding the implementation of the project by individual CELSA partners the internal rules of each involved CELSA partner apply;
    • a CELSA partner may not hire staff at another CELSA partner. However, travel & subsistence costs of the team members in the project may be covered by either side of the joint budget;
    • the equipment purchased with the project’s funds by a consortium partner becomes that partner’s property;

making the equipment available by a given consortium partner to other partners is subject to the regulations in force at that partner’s institution. 

Application Deadline:

Aktualny nabór wniosków on-line trwa do 25 listopada 2021 r. Wniosek składany jest przez naukowca z KU Leuven za pośrednictwem systemu KU Leuven Internal Funds.

JU internal regulations:

Pursuant to the Order no  56 of JU Rector 11 July 2016 on: The procedure for drawing up and implementing projects funded from external sources at Jagiellonian University persons interested in entering the call are asked to deliver to the CAWP:

  • by 18 November 2021:
  • draft version of the proposal (electronic version of the proposal in the form of a pdf file sent to the address of the call assistant at the CAWP),
  • a research project entry form alongside a VAT eligibility form, filled out and submitted to the electronic system JU Project Zone, available at:
  • by 22 November 2021 – final version of the proposal (electronic version of the proposal in the form of a pdf file sent to the address of the call assistant at the CAWP).


The first and crucial stage in the application process is identifying a project partner at KU Leuven.
To that end one may consult contacts at KU Leuven, listed in the Contact tab on the call’s website, requesting mediation in reaching a research group active in a given thematic area.

Out of concern for the quality of the submitted projects, especially in terms of meeting formal requirements, you are encouraged you to deliver the documents to the CAWP well ahead of the above mentioned deadlines.

More information: