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Premia na Horyzoncie 2 (Horizon Bonus 2)

Date: 16.04.2019 - 31.12.2021
Premia na Horyzoncie 2 (Horizon Bonus 2)

The Minister of Science and Higher Education invites you to submit proposals for activities supporting the participation of scientific entities in the framework program for research and innovation Horizon 2020 and the Euratom program under the call called "Premia na Horyzoncie 2"

Funding institution:

Ministry of Science and Higher Education

Purpose of the call:

Providing support to scientific units implementing projects under the Horizon 2020 Framework Program and the Euratom program. The funds granted are intended to finance salary supplements for persons participating in the project and constitute ineligible costs of the project implemented under the aforementioned programs.

The condition for applying for funds is signing a contract for the implementation of a research project under the Horizon 2020 Framework Program before the date of submitting the application. You can also apply for the " Horizon 2 Bonus" after the completion of the project.

Call supervisor at CAWP:

Katarzyna Kubica-Oroń,
phone: 12 663 30 33,

Deadline for submitting proposals:

ongoing applications from 15/04/2019.

Way of submitting proposals:

Proposals should be submitted in electronic form in the OSF system.

The proposals should be accompanied (in the form of a pdf file) with the European Commission grant agreement and copies of annexes to this agreement.

In addition, a paper version bearing the signatures of persons authorized to represent the unit will be also sent to the Ministry of Science and Higher Education.

JU Internal regulations:

  • • Funds will be allocated between the members of the project team  according to the decision of the Principal Investigator depending on the involvement of individual people in the implementation of the project.

    • Salaries will be paid in accordance with the JU regulations related to the employment and remuneration of persons participating in the JU projects co-financed from sources other than those specified in art. 94 par. 1 of the Act of 27 July 2005 - Law on Higher Education, introduced by the Vice-Rector’s Regulation No. 34 from 26 April 2013 with the later amendments.

    • Granted funds will be paid in the form of a special allowance.

In order to verify the correctness of the proposals, please submit its draft version (in the form of a pdf file) or give the CAWP supervisor access to the ZSUN / OSF system as an auxiliary editor of your proposal.

Then, after receiving information from the CAWP supervisor, please submit:

  • 1 copy of the proposal, signed by the Principal Investigator and the Head of the Unit (Dean of the Faculty or a Head of the Unit) – without annexes;
  • 2 copies of Part A of proposal („version for the Ministry”), printed from the ZSUN/OSF System, signed by the Principal Investigator and the Head of the Unit, to be approved by the JU authorities and sent to the MNiSW .

I would like to point out that sending the application through the ZSUN / OSF system is an operation that makes it impossible to make subsequent changes.

Therefore, the electronic application should be sent only after obtaining the signatures on the printed version of the proposal. Information on the approval of the proposal by the JU authorities will be provided by the CAWP call supervisor.

More information:

Vice-Rector’s Announcement (in Polish)