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Programme in Support of Polish-Ukrainian Cooperation - closed

Date: 16.03.2022 - 30.09.2022
Programme in Support of Polish-Ukrainian Cooperation - closed

Announcing Institution:

CWN Project Advisor:

Natalia Łakomy
phone: 12 663 38 27

Foundation for Polish Science

The purpose of the call:

This is to inform you that the Foundation for Polish Science (FNP) has published a call in the Programme in Support of Polish-Ukrainian Cooperation, which seeks to intensify cooperation between Polish and Ukrainian research communities and to carry out joint research projects aimed at improving knowledge related to the problems of the development of civic society, democracy, European integration or security. The projects must address subjects of substantial import for both countries.

The research conducted in the programme should combine different perspectives and approaches, and its results should be useful in solving real problems identified by the applicants in the field they address.

Terms of the call:

  • Proposals may be submitted by two persons holding at least a doctoral degree, while:
    • on the day of submitting the proposal one person is an academic employed at a research institution operating in Poland;
    • the other person, regardless of nationality, was on the day of Russian invasion of Ukraine, i.e. 24 February 2022, an academic doing research in Ukraine.
  • On behalf of both researchers, the proposal is submitted by the person employed in Poland jointly with the institution conducting research in Poland, acting as the project’s host institution.
  • The submitted research project is expected to be carried out for the 12-month period indicated in the proposal, with projects submitted in the first call starting no earlier than the proposal submission deadline and no later than in the second half of 2022, while projects submitted in the second call should start in the first half of 2023.

Terms of funding:

  1. The total budget for a single project for a period of 12 months may be a maximum of PLN 268,800 - this includes funding for both salary and research-related costs.
  2. The budget foreseen for each of the two applicants is PLN 134,400 for the period of 12 months and includes: a unit rate for monthly salary of PLN 8,000 and a lump sum of PLN 38,400 (representing 40% of the total salary costs) for other costs related to conducting the research (e.g. equipment, field trips, access to databases, archives, translations, promotion, remuneration for students, etc.).
  3. Funding of the projects comes from FNP own funds and from donations transferred to FNP.
  4. The Foundation for Polish Science encourages the host institution to co-finance the project, e.g. in terms of remuneration of applicants, indirect costs, scholarships for students, involvement of other scientists etc.

Other important information:

  1. The project is funded on the basis of a contract between the Foundation, the host institution and the two applicant researchers.
  2. The funds will be transferred in semi-annual advance tranches to the account of the host institution, indicated in the agreement, which is responsible for the financial management of the project
  3. In case of unexpected circumstances delaying the implementation of the project, at the request of both applicants, approved by the host unit and after obtaining the consent of the Foundation, it is possible to extend the period of project implementation and disbursement of funds by 6 months compared to the original deadline specified in the agreement, without increasing the project funding and without the requirement to annex the agreement.

The applications should include:

  • the applicants’ , their home institutions’ and the hosting institution’s data
  • both applicants’ CVs (up to two A4 pages each)
  • a list of up to three major publications of each applicant, with electronic versions of their full or partial contents in the original languages
  • a description of the planned scientific research, indicating its relevance to the FNP programme’s theme and the objective(s) to be achieved through the project (up to four A4 pages)
  • information on the division of tasks to be implemented by the applicants with the specification of planned project results (e.g. publication, screenplay, exhibition, lecture, workshop, training, website, application, etc.; up to two A4 pages)
  • information on the planned dissemination activities of the project results (up to one A4 page)
  • information on the hosting institution’s contribution to the project funding (if applicable).

Form of submitting proposals:
Funding proposals may only be submitted in an electronic form in English via the online database:
In light of the above, the proposal in electronic form should be sent only once approval by the university authorities have been secured. Information on approval of the proposal by JU authorities will be delivered by a call assistant at the RSC.

The call for proposals is launched within two competitions with the following deadlines:

  • by April 29, 2022, until 4:00 p.m. CET (1st competition) - CLOSED
  • by September 30, 2022, until 4:00 p.m. CET (2nd competition).

JU internal regulations:
Pursuant to the Ordinance no 56 of JU Rector 11 July 2016 on: The procedure for drawing up and implementing projects funded from external sources at Jagiellonian University persons interested in entering the call are asked to submit at the RSC:

  • no later than 8 days before closing the first call respectively:
    • a proposal draft (electronic version sent as a pdf file to the address of the call assistant at the RSC) for the purposes of review and verification of formal and accountancy eligibility;
    • a research project entry form and a VAT eligibility form, filled out in the electronic system JU Project Zone at: See instructions for filling out of the entry form at:
  • no later than 4 days before closing the call respectively: the final version of the proposal (an electronic version sent as a PDF file: a document signed with a qualified electronic signature or in the form of a scan with signatures). Required signatures: principal investigator and JU organisational entity head (dean or director / head of other organisational entity).

Out of concern for the quality of the submitted proposals, especially in terms of meeting formal requirements, you are encouraged to consult your proposals and to deliver the documents to the RSC well ahead of the above mentioned deadlines.

More informations:

Communication by Jagiellonian University vice-rector for research