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Visegrad/Visegrad+/Strategic Grants - CLOSED

Date: 12.01.2022 - 01.02.2022
Visegrad/Visegrad+/Strategic Grants - CLOSED

Announcing Institution:

International Visegrad Fund

Subject of the call:

CWN Project Advisor: 

Patrycja Bień,
phone: 12 663 30 01,

Agata Pik,
phone: 12 663 38 42,

We kindly inform that International Visegrad Fund announced the possibility of submitting applications in the framework of Visegrad GRANTS (Visegrad/Visegrad+/Strategic Grants) competition for projects promoting active cooperation and thematically linked to the Visegrad Group (V4) region.

In the case of the Visegrad Grants and Visegrad Grants + programmes, projects must fall within one of seven areas:

  • Culture and Common Identity.
  • Education and Capacity Building.
  • Innovation, R&D, Entrepreneurship.
  • Democratic Values and the Media.
  • Public Policy and Institutional Partnership.
  • Regional Development, Environment and Tourism.
  • Social Development.

Application Rules:

  • The competition is open to any legal entity (excluding public administration institutions and individuals) from any country in the world provided that the project involves entities from at least three countries (V3) from the Visegrad Group (V4). The exception are cross-border cooperation projects that may be implemented with one partner (V1) from the Visegrad Group (V4).
    JU units (e.g. Faculties) decide on the scope of the subject matter of the application with the reservation that in the Visegrad/Visegrad+/ Strategic Grants competition only one application can be submitted as a leader by each JU unit, assuming that the JU unit does not currently implement any project within the International Visegrad Fund.
    The above limitation is not valid in case of submitting applications as a partner.

A UJ unit submits to CWN one application indicated by the Head of the UJ organizational unit, (i.e. Dean or Director/Manager of another organizational unit) in which he/she acts as Leader.

Currently, the Faculty of International and Political Studies, Faculty of Law and Administration are implementing projects within the International Visegrad Fund in a leadership role, which allows them to apply in the competition only as a partner in the project.

Czas trwania projektów:
Całkowity okres realizacji projektów (Visegrad Grants oraz Visegrad+ Grants) powinien wynosić maksymalnie 18 miesięcy, a w odniesieniu do Grantów Strategicznych (Strategic Grants) projekt może trwać od 12 do 36 miesięcy.

Internal Regulations:

  • until 24 January 2022.
    • A draft version of the application (an electronic version sent as a PDF file to the CWN competition supervisor's address for formal checking and verification;
      The Research Project Application Form and the VAT Eligibility Form. The forms should be completed and submitted in the electronic system UJ Project Zone available at:;
  • by 28 January 2022 the final version of the application (electronic version sent as a PDF file with qualified signature or paper version with signatures) - required signatures: the project manager and the Head of the organizational unit of the Jagiellonian University (i.e. the Dean or the Director/Head of another organizational unit).

Application deadline:

1 February 2022 by 11:59 pm

More informations:

CWN information

Visegrad Fund