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Polish-German Foundation for Science (PNFN) - Simplified Call

Date: 01.09.2021 - 01.12.2021
Polish-German Foundation for Science (PNFN) - Simplified Call

CAWP Project Advisor:

Sebastian Bąk,
phone: 12 663 38 46,

Announcing Institution: 

Polish-German Foundation for Science (PNFN)

Purpose of the call:

The Foundation has introduced a simplified competition procedure for grant applications for scientific events and smaller scientific and research projects up to the amount of 10,000 thousand Euro.

The following conditions have to be fulfilled:

Projects must be carried out in cooperation between Polish and German partners. Exceptions are possible only in justified cases.
The PNFN grant can constitute no more than 70% of the total project costs. 30% of the collective expenses should be own resources or other sources of funding.
As of 2018, the foundation has set a priority, due to limited funding, to support projects with a long-term effect (e.g. projects that have the chance to obtain additional funding from other funding sources for the continuation of the project or the prospect of developing a larger project from the awarded grant).
An applicant who is also a recipient of a PNFN grant in another project of the simplified competition is entitled to submit an application only after its timely and correct settlement. Individual institutes of a given university are understood as different applicants.

Please use the current Foundation forms under "Documents" as the Foundation reserves the right to make changes. Please read the appropriate instructions before submitting an application. Also see the "Documents" section for further information on application procedures.

The average amount of funding awarded is between € 6,000 and € 8,000. The success rate for this call from the Foundation is approximately 30 to 40 %.

Deadline for submitting proposals:

1 December 2021

Form of submitting proposals:

Applications must be submitted electronically at:

More information:

Open call website in DE