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Polish-German Foundation for Science (PNFN) - Main call - zakończony

Date: 01.09.2021 - 30.10.2021
Polish-German Foundation for Science (PNFN) - Main call - zakończony

CAWP Project Advisor:

Sebastian Bąk,
phone: 12 663 38 46,

Announcing Institution: 

Polish-German Foundation for Science (PNFN)

Purpose of the call:

Four thematic priorities continue to apply for research proposals in the humanities and social sciences:

  • Culture and Knowledge Transfer,
  • Europeanization Processes,
  • Changing norms and values,
  • Multilingualism. 

Each project should be allocated to one (or more) thematic priority. Further information is available in the text "description of thematic priorities". Funding of a project outside the assigned priorities is only possible in special, justified cases. If in doubt, applicants should contact the Foundation Office early enough with a brief project description to check whether the project fits into the area of support.

The maximum grant amount in this competition is €80,000. The average grant amount is between €50,000 and €70,000. The percentage of positive decisions is 20-30%. 

The amount of the grant should be divided as equally as possible between the Polish and German project partners, with one party receiving a maximum of 70% of the funds. However, the awarded funds are always paid to one institution - either in Poland or in Germany - which will be responsible for transferring the funds to the other partner.

Scholarships are preferred. The rate for doctoral students is 1,500 euros in Germany/1,000 euros in Poland and for post-doctoral students 1,700 euros in Germany/1,200 euros in Poland; child/family allowance is already included. 

Deadline for submitting proposals:

30 October 2021

Form of submitting proposals:

Applications must be submitted electronically at:

More information:

Open call website